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Success comes to those who follow immortal principles.  I show you why people get their day successful even before day begins.

  1. I wake up at 5 am.

We used to wake up at 8 am. It means we have very little room to plan my day. People often complain about low energy level, no fresh idea about today but follow some basics to make your today highy successful.

Early to rise gives plenty of time to plan your today. Seat and write down what you want from your today. Make your today very special for some one (be your employee, wife, children, neighbour, worker, guaridan, society etc)

Today you want to earn more in business plan your earning, want to learn more plan your learning, want to job more plan your skills, want to spend more plan your spending, want to enjoy more plan your moments, want  help more plan your cherity. Once you plan your today it means you know your tomorrow better.

Many people claim they are poor planner, but poor planning is better then no planning. Thumb rule “No one is born perfect”.

Old phrase “Time is Money”,

New phrase “Plan your time gives money”

Early rise in bad gives extra hrs to plan your day. It gives immense opprtunity for next 24 Hrs. Every successful people rise and plan early because if get fail they have plenty of time to correct.

Ask to every successful student you will get same reply, their day begins where other still slipping.

Plan Plan & Plan your Today very early.

Some of Highly successful people early rise.

2. Meditation & Exercises

They do extra care about health and fitness. I saw many people washing car for 2 hrs but do not exercise for even two minutes. It doesn’t mean you do not wash car but one should wash inner body by meditation and exercises.

Thirty minutes of meditation and 30 mnt of exercise brings freshness for next 15 hrs. Iot of people complain about zero energy at the end of day. Where many lives with same energy for 24 hrs. The only reason is one hours of workout boost our energy to fight against stress and pressure for next 15 hrs.

We are living 24hrs under constant stress from our  family, business, job, customers, travelling, commitment, finance, responsibility, unexpected disaster, etc.,

Every successful person keeps body fit and take extra care about health.

 3. Networking

They spent enough time to network with followers, friends, customers, family, etc., Now a days Social Media is free medium for networking. One should connect with millions in very short time. I mean to say network a lot.

Every one is having limited 24hrs in a day. But successful person spent time to get in touch with people where other waste time in search of people.

what we do is just exchange our cards in networking events but go out and do lot more. There are plenty of tools available to connect freely on internet. Let show your strenght and do atleast one new connection per day. If it grows well you will have 1000 connection at the end of 365 days.

Network..Network..Network Lot

4. Choose work instead Luck.

 We use to come across people when they say somebody comes and lift me out, Where other people work and take other people out. Basic difference is in mindset. 90% of unsuccessful people complain about situation where 10 % successful change adverse situation. Successful person know what he/she will get from work, where other wait for what is going to come at last.

I found many people works 100 hrs a week. Elon musk, Richard Branson,  Sir Ratan Tata, use to work long. Work hard to change your destiny. We use to say dustbin is olso having its day some time. Waste will be change after 12 years then why not us. 

In Bhagvat Gita Shree krishna told us you do your duty rest leave on god. But do your duty/Karma with utmost faith. Same as successful people change what they dont like where others accept what they do not want to have.

Even luck follow those who follow work Hard..Hard…Hard

5. Start early

Those who see invisible can only do impossible. Start early in life even if you fail you have plenty of time to correct. When we start, market already crowded, service can not reach, thing matures etc., but successful people create market, start service and build great product.

We wait for things to happen where successsful take lead and become cause for result.

When we start something new, work like no days left, do like no one imagen and build like no one thought of.  Every successful people start early in life. They sell news paper, work at hotels, love coding etc.,

Start New early..early..early..

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